Experienced and Innovative

We are Washington State’s premium solar panel cleaning company. We know that debris such as weed and dirt inhibit solar panel effectiveness and increase the risk of damage, which will significantly reduce the amount of electricity your panels produce. Our expertly trained technicians use specialized equipment to keep your panels clean and operating at peak efficiency. We are proud to announce that our cleaning technologies and formulas have been developed in conjunction with, and are endorsed by, one of Seattle’s largest solar panel installation companies, Artisan Electric.

Our Solar technicians are guided by a team of technicians with ten years of experience in the glass and roof maintenance industry. This team has developed innovative solutions and technologies that extend from an organic, environmentally safe compound, that kills roof moss, to a solution that cleans solar panels faster and more effectively than any other solution in the solar panel industry. This puts our Solar technicians far ahead of any other solar panel cleaners in the country.


Solar technicians are building a nationwide presence. We are aiming to have teams in all 50 states which will be operational in the very near future. We currently offer Premier Home Solutions nationwide and stand ready to meet your cleaning needs.


Our Solar technicians service both residential and commercial clients. We have been a trusted maintenance provider to large corporations as well as homeowners. Our team is ready to offer customized solutions to your solar panel needs today.

Simply answer a few questions about the services requested, home size and contact details to receive your hassle-free quote.


Solar Projects in South America

We are very pleased to announce that many of our corporate clients in the solar panel industry regularly donate solar panels to Solar Empowerment Solutions, a local non-profit, sending a team that is currently planning to install solar panels in villages and facilities throughout northern Peru.

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